Hey Beautiful Person!

It's your BODY of course!

Taking care of this super awesome vehicle for life should be priority #1 - Our bodies are tough and can take most anything we throw at it (stress, bad food, alcohol etc.) but that doesn't mean that it can do it forever...

One way to help you start your day out on a body positive note is to create a mantra for yourself for example, before I eat anything I ask myself "what's my eating super power today?" and everyday I do a little dance around my kitchen chanting "I'm a Superfood Badass - Superfood Badass - Superfood Badass... And that sets my mind up to make badass food choices throughout the day, you should give it a try it really works wonders! it really sets you up for a powerfully positive day of eating. Think about it Super Heroes do what Super Heroes are expected to do... So go ahead and create yourself a mantra and eating identity and watch the positive affect it will have on your eating choices!